Two Bunch Palms, Desert Hot Springs

I’ve been meaning to visit Two Bunch Palms since their storied $2 million 2019 renovation.  However, life and pandemics, things being canceled and moved around, and catch-up on to do lists kept getting in the way. Three some odd years later, after a busy Holiday season, I suddenly had an open weekend on my calendar. Los Angeles, my cozy home base, is a winter destination all on its own. I like to spend as much of the season in Southern California as possible. So, getting out of the city, just a couple of hours east down the 10 Freeway, is a no brainer winter getaway. A short road-trip to the desert can be a last-minute decision with no need to book far in advance. Plus, January/February is a perfect time to visit Desert Hot Springs, a natural hot mineral water oasis in the middle of the desert, before the Coachella cool kids take over in the spring. Two Bunch Palms, in the colder, quieter months, can easily feel like a long way from anywhere, but right where you need to be.

Sign leading to walking trail
The last time I recall visiting Two Bunch was over 20 years ago. It had a quaint, “hippie-dippy” commune vibe. Now, it’s more eco-luxe/hipster-chic, and though minimalist, the upgraded accommodations and amenities are 5 Star by comparison to days gone by. It’s also not off-grid anymore but straight up hi-tech. You can reserve a private mineral pool on their app and book treatments in their new Desert Spa village from a QR code.
Swimming pool at Two Bunch Palms
The common area grounds have been meticulously manicured. Along with a warm water Grotto and saltwater cool pool, there are numerous nooks and crannies for hammocks, fire pits, and lawn games. The compound is complete with a turtle rich duck pond and a Celestial Yoga Dome offering daily complimentary classes. There’s even a well-kept tennis court. Where am I the Four Season’s? Not to worry. They’ve kept some of the kitschy “woo-woo” including small group activities and private practices like tarot card reading, chakra balancing, sage cleansing, and unleashing your inner Van Gogh painting classes.
Hammock and grounds a Two Bunch Palms

Too often we accept stress, anxiety, depression, aches, and pains as the norm of modern life. However, we don’t have to. Our bodies need and deserve extraordinary care. Whether it’s a balancing massage or a detoxifying adaptogen wrap, the Two Bunch Palms wellness menu was designed to serve newbies and resort-junkies alike. The treatments, carried out by renowned healers, are meant to amplify the effects of the mineral water. After a long soak in a private mineral pool, I received spot on reflexology combined with a deep tissue massage in one of the newly built individual spa huts that line the main house. Afterwards they sent me over to The Restaurant bar for a complimentary mocktail. I chose a refreshingly spicy turmeric/ginger infusion that I sipped while watching the stars come out over the night sky. All is well in my world.

Sign leading to park grounds

The Restaurant at Two Bunch Palms focuses on vegetable forward So-Cal inspired food. The menu changes seasonally and offers a variety of options from vegetarian dishes to hearty meats. Vegan and gluten-free options are clearly marked as well as dairy-free and no-nut choices. Coming off a new year cleanse, I particularly enjoyed their acai bowl, charred veggies with hummus, and jicama tacos. My meals came complete with a toasty fireplace and vast views of graceful windmills and snowcapped mountains.

Mountain surround Two Bunch Palms Resort

Desert in the winter can be dramatic. Though sunny and mild midday, mornings and evenings were super-chilly. Be sure to bring layers. A puffy jacket, UGG boots, and a skull cap are key essentials. There’s a reason the desert is laced with windmills. It can get windy! The good news is you’re immersing yourself in hot mineral water that keeps your body temperature up. Plus, it’s a big property with lots of walking to stay active. They offer complimentary hot coffee all morning and roaring fire pits at night to help keep you warm. If you’re one to cozy up in your room with a good book, or a great lover, winter is the perfect time to do just that. Just know you’re likely not going to be working on your tan by the pool.

Relaxing pool at Two Bunch Palms

Though the extra amenities are bonuses, the real draw of Two Bunch Palms is the water. Palm Springs and the surrounding desert areas do not have the magic. It is only within Desert Hot Springs that the real-deal mineral water exists. The waters at Two Bunch Palms flow from a 600-year-old natural spring that emerges from the earth at over 100 degrees. The water, low in sulfur and rich in lithium, is famous for its therapeutic and mood enhancing properties. Scientists suggest that soaking in these hot springs provides valuable nutrients and aids to rid toxins. Soaking in it has been shown to relieve pain and tension, balance PH levels, repair tissue damage, and stimulate metabolism. For thousands of years, people have “taken to the waters” to experience their restorative benefits. After soaking for a couple of days I can certainly feel why.

Over the years, plenty of hot springs resorts have popped up in the area… but Two Bunch is the OG. From what I’ve seen, this property is the most spacious, luxurious, and lush of the surrounding neighborhood spots. If you haven’t been here since the good ole days, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you’ve never tried the water, it should be on your bucket list. Even if you’re just passing through for an overnight recovery stay on the way home from skiing in Big Bear, or a weekend in Vegas, a quick dip in these healing waters will work wonders. 

Jaquzi at Two Bunch Palms

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