Kira Reed Lorsch is an actress and Emmy award winning, p.g.a producer. After graduating from the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television, Kira enjoyed a prolific on-camera career, including a 10-year stint as a reporter/producer for Playboy. She currently stars on Amazon Prime’s The Bay as “Jo Connors”, for which she received a 2018 Daytime Emmy acting nomination, is “The Madame” in the comedy Female Friendly, acting teacher “Ellen” in the new drama series Rumors, and will appear as “Gwendolyn Ross” in the new comedy Wild Wild Yogis. Her latest feature film is the multiple-award winning Acts of Desperation Kira spends her time giving back to numerous charitable organizations, through the Robert H. Lorsch Foundation, including The Thalians: Hollywood For Mental Health raising funds for UCLA Operation Mend. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of the California Science Center, home of the Robert H. Lorsch Family Pavilion.


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